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Farmageddon by Philip Lymbery (with Isabel Oakeshott): Book review

Philp Lymbery head of the estimable British charity, Compassion in World Farming, sounds the alarm about the arrival of mega-farming in his remarkable new book Farmageddon (co-written with the journalist Isabel Oakeshott). It is not a vegetarian rant. It is not anti-meat. But it is an unforgettable indictment of the new hyper-industrialised agriculture originating in the USA which is now spreading around the world.

Bristol Housing Action Movement – BHAM

Revived in 1984, Bristol   Housing Action (BHAM) is a non- hierarchical collective of squatters and their supporters. We help provide housing and other support for homeless people.

Weekly meetings in Old Market every Monday at 8pm


We are committed to the opening of community spaces and to solidarity with existing social centres.  We campaign against the privatisation of public land and housing and for the defence of public space.



The new anti-squatting law in England & Wales, which applies to residential property only, came into force on 1st Sept 2012. The law does not apply to non-residential property such as shops, garages, factories & churches. As reported by Schnews: The Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS) have issued a warning and a call to arms: “We are going to need to be more organised and look after each other better. We will need legal back-up available on the street, and people will need help moving quickly and storing their possessions. We need networks, linked up with others resisting evictions and attacks on housing rights. Click here for background.

Changes to retrospective planning: What the Localism Act 2011 means for Gypsies and Travellers

The Localism Act  received Royal Assent on the 15th November, 2011. Different parts of the Act will come into force at different times, with some being brought into force immediately.
The Act is wide ranging, but brings into force two key provisions which will have an immediate effect for Gypsies and Travellers: the abolition of the Regional Strategies and the changes to the law regarding retrospective planning permission.

TS_LogoSmallSection 123 of the Localism Act inserts new sections into the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 preventing retrospective planning applications where there is already an enforcement notice on the land which covers the subject matter of their proposed application. If there is not such a notice, then a retrospective planning application can still be made.
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