The Land is Ours constitution.

1.  =Name  =

The association shall be called The Land is Ours, henceforth referred to as TLIO.

2.  =Aims and Objectives =

TLIO aims to campaign peacefully for access to land, its resources and the decision-making processes affecting them, for everyone.

In particular TLIO aims to: expose and oppose monopolies over land and resources; resist gentrification schemes that create and exclude the poor; promote access to land for small-holders and others seeking land-based livelihoods support access to land for low impact, self-built and affordable housing; support the right of independent shops, businesses and community projects to access to affordable premises; protect local and global commons against enclosure, and where moribund, reinvigorate them; support the maintenance and improvement of  non-profit public transport in preference to private cars; support international land rights struggles, both urban and rural.

3.  =Powers  =

In furtherance of the objectives, the Steering Group of TLIO may exercise the following powers: power to welcome new members; power to raise funds and to invite and receive contributions; powers to make such payments as it sees fit within the rules of expenditure (appendix 1).

4.  =Membership    =

Membership of the Steering group shall be by invitation.

5. = Cancellation of membership  =

The Steering Group may withdraw the benefits and privileges of membership from any person or group who, in the opinion of the Steering Group, works against the objectives.  The decision shall be brought to the next meeting for ratification.  Persons whose membership has been withdrawn shall have the right to appeal to the next meeting of the Steering group.

6. = Consensus and procedures  =

All members over the age of eighteen are entitled to to take part in the consensual decision-making process. The Steering group may appoint sub-groups or individuals to determine policy in specific areas, subject to approval by the Steering group.

7.  = Management  =

The association shall be managed cooperatively.  A chair, secretary and treasurer shall be elected from the members.

8. = Meetings of the Steering Group  =

The Steering Group shall meet at such times as are necessary to carry through the business of the association. A majority of the members or 5, including one or more officers, shall constitute a quorum, whichever is greater.

9.  =Decision-making procedure  =

Every matter shall be determined by consensus except in the case of cancellation of membership, where consensus minus one will be sufficient.  If no consensus can be obtained, then unless there is a consensus to determine the matter by vote forthwith because the matter is pressing, the matter shall be deferred to a subsequent meeting where, if once again there is no consensus, it shall be determined by a simple majority vote. In the event of equality of votes, the chair of the meeting shall have the casting vote.

10. = Annual General Meeting  =

An Annual General Meeting shall be held at such time and place as the members shall determine for the following purposes: to elect officers or fill vacancies as they arise; to decide such amendments to the Rules as may appear necessary; to decide upon any resolution submitted to the meeting;  to conduct any other necessary business.

11. = Extraordinary general  =

Meeting Two members may at any time, call an Extraordinary General Meeting which may be held if there is written agreement of a third or more of members, and 21 days notice has been given to all members.

12. = Receipts and Expenditure =

The funds of the association, including all donations, contributions and bequests, shall be paid into an account operated by the Steering group in the name of the association at such banks or building societies as the Steering group shall decide from time to time. All cheques on the account must be signed by two members of the Steering group.

13. = Dissolution  =

The Association may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of those  present and voting at a special general meeting convened for the purpose, of which 21 days  notice shall be given.

Adopted by:

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TLIO Constitution Appendix 1

Expense Procedures


Appendix 1.1. Financial expenditure can only be approved by a consensus of the Steering group.

The Steering group is manifest either through the Steering group meeting or the Steering group e-mail list. The meeting is the senior of the two.

Appendix 1.2. All substantial expenditures (over £300) must be approved in advance by the Steering group meeting.

When a Steering group meeting is not scheduled, proposals for expenditures up to a maximum of £300 should be circulated for approval on the Steering group list for a minimum of two weeks prior to the proposed expenditure. As with the Steering group meeting, approval can be by consensus only.

Appendix 1.3. In an emergency, and where advanced Steering group consensus cannot be acquired quickly enough, either through the meeting or the list, a non-guaranteed approval of expenditure up to £150 may be acquired by the prior agreement of at least three Steering group members. Although refusal of retrospective reimbursement would be an unusual step following the agreement of 3 or more Steering group members, the option must be retained in order to maintain the principal of overarching Steering group authority.

Appendix 1.4. Steering group members may also apply for reimbursement of non-pre-agreed expenses, however, it seems likely that very good reasons will be required as to why none of the pre-approval procedures were enacted. Any approval will, as ever, be by consensus.

Appendix 1.5. A written account and receipts for expenditure should be presented at the Steering group meeting coming soonest after the expenditure.


End of  TLIO Constitution .


tlioconst2009.txt – A 2009 version of The Land is Ours Constitution,

(Believed to have been shown to the bank and necessary to open a bank account)


changed core group to steering group

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