Legacy of Colonialism – References


Legacy of Colonialism – References


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  1. The grip of death, by Michael Rowbotham, 1998 [Jon Carpenter]. A study of modern money, debt slavery and destructive economics
  2. Whose Common Future? Reclaiming the Commons, Vol.22, No.4, issue of The Ecologist?, July/August 1992. Available as a book-order from : http://www.earthscan.co.uk/books/149_2.html
  3. Mobilising Against the IMF and World Bank (Does the Developing World Owe the West any Debt to be Cancelled?), by Explo Nani-Kofi.  Available from legacy e-group archive: http://www.yahoogroups.com/group/LegacyofColonialism (posted 06/12/00)
  4. The Money Masters – how International bankers gained control of America, (video format – 2 tape set priced £30) presented by Bill Still.  – A master class in economics, from the Roman Empire to the World Bank.  Not necessarily the way banking and financial history is taught today (perpetuating the establishment?s version of history) but this video goes a long way to answering the question, ?if all the experts are so clever, how come the world is in such a mess??  When you understand the problem, you can more sensibly solve it.  As well as showing where the problems started and who started them, there are also answers which if put into effect, would benefit us all. http://www.themoneymasters.com/    Copies also available from NEXUS magazine, 55 Queens Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 1BG UK; e-mail: nexus@ukoffice.u-net.com
  5. HOW AFRICA WAS UNDERDEVELOPED ECONOMICALLY, by Claude Lockhart Clark (written in 1999; revised: August 17, 2000).        http://www.AFRICANBYNATURE.com/eyes/openeyes_sankofa.html
  6. This Land of Africa, by Thomas Munjoma (Dept. of Land Economy at University of Aberdeen). Available from: http://www.yahoogroups.com/group/LegacyofColonialism         (posted 26/10/00)
  7. Transcript of interview between Peter Rosset (Food First) and Multinational Monitor, entitled, The Case for Small Farms        http://www.foodfirst.org/media/interviews/2000/mm8-00.html
  8. TRADE AND HUNGER. Overview by John Madeley, 2000. Released by Forum Syd, among other Swedish NGOs. The 77-page report is an overview of case studies on the impact of trade liberalisation on food security.  The report includes a description, overview and summary of conclusions from each study. To obtain a copy contact: Programme for globala studier, Forum Syd; Box 15407; 104 65 Stockholm, Sweden; tel: (1-46-8) 506-371-64; fax: 506-370-99; http://www.forumsyd.se/globala.htm
  9. Creating New Money,  by James Robertson’s [New Economics Foundation]
  10. Goodbye America, by Michael Rowbotham [John Carpenter]
  11. The creation & development of English commercial corporations and the abolition of democratic control over their behaviour, by Dan Bennett. A Corporate-Watch article.        http://www.corporatewatch.org/pages/dan_corp.html
  12. Applying International Law to Multinational Corporations, by Saman Zia- Zarifi from Issue-11 of Corporate Watch (Summer 2000).       http://www.corporatewatch.org/magazine/issue11/cw11t11.html
  13. When the people judge: The Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal, by Jayan Nayar from Issue 11 of Corporate Watch (Summer 2000).          http://www.corporatewatch.org/magazine/issue11/cw11t12.html
  14. Britain?s Slave Trade, by S.I.Martin [1999 Channel-4 books; Macmillan publishers]
  15. Chapter on Slavery & Colonialism from the Oxford History of the British Empire. [2000 edition].

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