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The Land Is Ours TLIO a landrights campaign for All

Legacy of Colonialism a discussion forum & a platform uniting campaigns opposing colonial and neocolonial crimes against humanity.
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To see the latest postings which have been sent out on the Forum’s e- mail list, or browse previous messages, or even if you wish to subscribe to the list yourself, please visit:   http://www.yahoogroups.com/group/LegacyofColonialismOutline of this Forum: How can genuine self-determination – whether that be indigenous  groups or civil society – be sought in the face of corporate  domination and neocolonial economic and political subjugation – the  logical conclusion to a legacy of colonialism.The Land Is Ours, Peace & Human Rights Trust & the IMF/World Bank  Wanted for Fraud Campaign (all of whom are primarily based in the UK),  who are the key partners subscribing to the main ideas behind this forum,  seek to encourage an exploration of deeper underlying factors in the world  economy which prevent genuine self determination from happening, such as the  economic fraud of global institutions and the debt-based money system.  The objective is to raise the issues of:

  • firstly, overhauling the monetary and financial capitalist system as it stands;
  • secondly, recognising that Third World debt is a fraud by virtue of the fact that money creation within the banking system is itself a fraudulent process spiralling out of control, and that in any case, debt cancellation should be married to the moral imperative of reparation for the crimes of slavery & colonialism and it’s legacy – a world economy dominated by the unregulated plunder of international shareholder capital;
  • & thirdly, providing compensation for self-determination on the widest possible scale and gearing trade policy in favour of local needs.


Subscribers to this Forum from around the world are sharing  information and perspectives and are untangling the complexities of what at first  sight would appear an unsurmoutable set of independant problems.  The aim of this forum is to form a network between activists, researchers, NGO’s,  environmental groups & grassroots development workers.

To subscribe to the LegacyofColonialism Forum e-mail group, either visit: http://www.yahoogroups.com/subscribe/LegacyofColonialism -OR- send an email to:  LegacyofColonialism-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


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“Neo-Colonialism, & the Modern-Slavery of Dollar Imperialism and Debt-Based             Money”

By Mark S. Brown (The Land Is Ours)


The Legacy of Colonialism Forum seeks to make these links between previous imperialist systems of injustice and the current processes driving the world economy. The unremarkable recognition is made that the same underlying process of expropriation and profit for the benefit of a few has been the driving-force underpinning both the ruthless colonial looting that occurred in Africa, Asia, Eire, Latin America and the West Indies, and present-day corporate investments that rely on speculation without respect of labour or environmental standards. For example, at the Cavite Export Processing Zone in the Philippines, 207 factories purely dedicated to producing export brands such as Nike, IBM and Gap recently employed 50,000 workers, who worked 12 hour days in military-style underpaid drudgery.  The only difference now is that the whole process is accelerating at an alarming rate, wholly because the debt-based money system generates more and more perceived “value” on stock markets, within financial trading, and in the ever-faster rates-of-return of speculative investments. And this acceleration process continues because the money system based on debt is spiralling out of control, as we are also attempting to explore.

A latest development is that a link has been made with another campaign that has just been launched in London by the AFRICAN LIBERATION SUPPORT CAMPAIGN entitled “IMF & World Bank: Wanted for Fraud Campaign!”, expressing the idea that debt is no more than a measurement of the banking system’s magical generation of money. Contact: (ALISC), PO Box 21266, London W9-3YR  e-mail: nkexplo@yahoo.co.uk (More details in the link at the top). The lead article, by Explo Nani-Kofi, released at the launch of this campaign in Dec. 2000: Mobilising Against the IMF and World Bank (Does the Developing World Owe the West any Debt to be Cancelled?) can be retrieved from the Legacy e-group website message archive, posted in 06/12/00 (web reference: http://www.yahoogroups.com/group/LegacyofColonialism).

‘The Land Is Ours’ networking this forum:

While we are not so arrogant to suggest that we are the best people to be taking a lead on these issues, TLIO’s key motivation is one of communication and engaging with as many groups and individuals from as many backgrounds as possible.

LAND IS THE FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT Without it we are slaves to totalitarian corporations and global capitalism.  If you are interested in joining this Forum please contact: Legacy of Colonialism, The Land Is Ours, 16b Cherwell Street, Oxford, OX4 1BG. Email: legacyofcolonialism@tlio.demon.co.uk

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