NEF map reveals public land suitable for affordable housing is being sold off instead

By selling our land to private developers the Government is failing to build the affordable homes we need. Enter your postcode here to see the local authority sites being sold near you.

Public land, private profit

Less than 1 in 5 of new homes built on public land sold off are affordable. Will you help us do something about it?

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One thought on “NEF map reveals public land suitable for affordable housing is being sold off instead”

  1. Am trying to compose a referendum question on this issue(of .01 percent aristocracy owning one third land but not finding it easy and wanting to adk the public obviously a vast majority who have far less land to take without compensation all that land given that george the 5 was ultimately responsible for britain entering the first world war and therefore the death of millions and yet his descendants the oresent royal family have not lost any ownership rights and if you consider for example what message does that srnd to current rulers e.g assad of syria involved in mass murder of his people.pount being such acts are so reprehensible that normal property rights should not apply.. .discuss and in any case even if you leave rhat oart out as most of the aristocracy probably got their land from profitss of slavery or other kinds of exploitation and we are no longer a feudal nation but living in a digital society we have the power through referendums to quickly change society…so help me out and tey and compose some suitabke rwferendum questions if you will.rhanks for reading.michael

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