Our tribute to Fran Scott: former squatter, filmmaker and land rights activist

Our dear friend Fran Scott passed away last year at the tender age of 58.

On her Pax Vista TV channel she shot and produced several films for The Land Is Ours including the following.

Kevin Cahill – Who Owns Britain At BHAM, Trinity Centre – Bristol – July 2014

The Peoples Parliament – UK Land Ownership At The Houses of Parliament – March 2015

Fran in 1973

Fran was also a most capable citizen journalist in her own right and founder member of the UK Reinvestigate 911 campaign where she she conducted detailed research on nano-thermite and anthrax used in the 9/11 attacks

Extraordinary circumstances of Fran’s death on 29th October 2016

This week we’re reminded just how deep into Europe and America’s cultural life the Warfare State has penetrated with the untimely death of one of the Western world’s greatest unrecognised land rights and anti- war researchers, filmmakers and activists – co-founder of the London based Reinvestigate 911 website and campaign Fran Scott.

Hackney-based Fran was only 58 when she died last Saturday of stomach and liver cancer, only two weeks after being diagnosed. She was terribly let down by the overstretched East London Health Service.

One of the ambulance paramedics on one of her attempts to get diagnosed and treated – told her East London hospitals just can’t cope – the Health Service is now a postcode lottery. Fran hadn’t been in the greatest of health, having hypoglycemia on and off for over a decade. But it wasn’t as if Fran hadn’t been bringing her more recent digestive problems to her GPs attention but she kept being told she had indigestion – and was given pain killers and constipation medicine. Doctors now say she’d had an aggressive form of stomach cancer since early this year. On 29th August she was taken more seriously ill – and the paramedic told her to go straight to A&E. From that day at the end of August Fran wasn’t able to eat anything. She went twice – including by ambulance – to Accident and Emergency at London’s Homerton Hospital – but she was given more constipation medicine – which she couldn’t eat – and sent home. She was finally admitted to Homerton for tests after she hadn’t been able to eat for over five weeks. She died just three weeks later.

Fran’s funeral took place in Hackney on Tuesday 15th November – and despite her many brilliant investigations into the crimes behind the war on terror not a single mainstream media outlet ever asked her for an interview or used her brilliant work exposing the crimes, and the criminals, driving the war machine.

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