Time for a Compassionate Revolution!

Cmopassionate revolution- together we are irresistible

The Compassionate Revolution was launched in Stroud at the end of June this summer to be a space where we can align our actions to see change in the world and assert our collective power.
We hosts pledges of “art, heart and civil disobedience”. Pledges mean “I’ll do it if you will do it” – so safety in numbers; as well as a way to log people acting as collectives where safety is less important but a sense of others operating together boosts our morale. We’ve had some good legal advice and are willing to take risks.

At the moment pledges include:

Heart pledges:

-a prayer / practice calling for the Ecocide Law / developing inner resolve

sharing your home with a refugee, supported by RedPepper magazine

Art pledge:

disrupt the propaganda of the media billionaires (its not illegal to move newspapers in news agents or put stickers on free news papers)

Civil disobedience:

A pledge that you are willing to risk arrest to protect life on earth (we will share actions related to this with this network)

We are working on other civil disobedience pledges- case of watch this space..OR dream up your own and contact us through the site to suggest other ideas.

We have big dreams for this approach, so please help us spread the idea and pledges. A simple useful thing is to call yourself and your work that of a Compassionate Revolutionary.  We don’t all need to agree on every finer detail..just the kinds of things outlined here.

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