Chapter 7 – Agenda 21

Quotations from Chapter 7 of Agenda 21

‘All countries should . . . strengthen the indigenous building materials industry, based, as much as possible, on inputs of locally available natural resources . . . promote the increased use of energy efficient designs and technologies and sustainable use of natural resources . . promote the use of labour-intensive construction methods . . . develop policies and practices to reach the informal sector and self-help builders . . . discourage the use of construction materials and products that create pollution during their life cycle.’

Agenda 21 Chapter 7

‘All countries should, as appropriate, support the shelter efforts of the urban and rural poor by adopting and/or adapting existing codes and regulations to facilitate their access to land, finance and low cost building materials.’

Agenda 21 Chapter 7

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  1. The quick fix ideas of upgrading older houses by for instance cavity wall fill should be looked at. In zone 4 areas where wind driven rain can flood wall cavities and enter internal walls needs to be addressed. My own house setting this example. Although not happening frequently damp and water entry is taking place. Sealing up everything is not the answer and modern house design could learn a thing or two by looking at the traditional way of building houses, particularly in such areas as Wales and Scotland , talking even to the man on the ground building them. Local authorities should play their part when signing up for this work to be carried out . It’s not until after the homeowners become aware they are having to pay for mistakes that should have been given the go ahead to start with.

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