Canary Wharf & the Slave Trade

Mark Brown                                                                 May 27, 2000

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On July 12th 1800, William Pit the Younger the Prime Minister came east down the Thames to visit the Isle of Dogs. He performed a foundation stone laying ceremony for the East India Dock, the first of many more to be built, with which Robert Milligan the Jamaican slave owner was involved. This web site has been set up as forum to examine this event and it’s context; what it meant as regards development of capitalism especially development of slavery.

On July 12th 2000, Tony Blair was expected to re-enact this, but now Tony’s involvement is in doubt, in an event organised by Canary Wharf plc. in conjunction with Tower Hamlets council. They are inviting people to join in with their celebration; but we feel a discussion should first take place on whether a celebration is suitable and what reaction should be to this bicentenary.

Although it is desirable to remember the black holocaust that slavery was and educate others about it in itself; declaring opposition to it’s denial is part of resistance in here and now to the bosses as they try to strengthen control over us by drawing us into their history and their interests. The Canary Wharf tower next to the East India Quay is home to many newspapers that serve to shape perceptions of our present day circumstances as well as tell us some of what is going on.

Letter to Canary Wharf plc. concerning plans for bicentenary Extracts from Capitalism and Slavery by Eric Williams –
Here are a few relevant articles taken from The Islander newspaper:

Father of the Island Revealed .Preparing for the island’s bicentenary
Letter in response to Father of the Island Revealed

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