Harold Wilson Oct 1974 Elected On Land Nationalisation Manifesto

1974 Harold Wilson’s Labour election manifesto:

‘The Government have published plans for the public owner ship of development land which will get rid of the major inflationary element in the cost of building;
for public control and participation in North Sea oil;
for greater accountability and the extension of public ownership in industry;
for beginning the redistribution of wealth by new taxation on the better-off…… ‘

Harold Wilson plot, Treason & Conspiracy by MI5, 1968 Coup plot, 1976 Resignation 
Yes two top BBC journalists Penrose and Courtieur were steered out into the long grass by the powers that be.
In 1975 Britain’s last honest Prime Minister, Harold Wilson was bugged, burgled bullied and hounded out of office by fascist, even Nazi, elements within MI5, the army and establishment who smeared him as a Russian KGB agent. As for books on this subject the best in order are as follows:
‘The Pencourt File’ by Barrie Penrose & Roger Courtiour (1978)
‘Smear!: Wilson and the Secret State’ by Stephen Dorril & Robin Ramsey (1992)
‘The Wilson Plot: How the Spycatchers and Their American Allies Tried to Overthrow the British Government’ (1988) by David Leigh

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