Yorkley Court Dodgy Eviction Attempt

There are emails on our Yahoo group about a dodgy eviction attempt at Yorkley Court

Latest News from Yorkley Court defending land against illegal eviction Sent: Wednesday, 25 June, 2014 11:21
There has been a 48 hour stand off between private security contractors and residents & supporters of Yorkley Court Community Farm.

Legal updates

  • The legal injunction against the security firm could not go through this morning because there was not a judge with sufficient qualification/power/experience to make a decision 
  • It is likely the injunction will go through just after 10am tomorrow
Policing & Security
  • There was a larger police presence today
  • Roadblocks on both ends of the road managed by the police to reduce traffic passing the side
  • New shift of cops at 8pm & shift change 8am
The site is well defended with barricades & other tools. There are growing numbers of people but more are needed.
What you can do in solidarity 
  • Get to the site if you can!
  • Bring food/snacks/water
In the early hours of Monday morning, police and private security thugs decended, without prior Notice (a legal requirement), upon the peaceful peasants living on the land, and growing food at Yorkley Court. This outragous, competely unlawful act of aggression came without warning, whilst Yorkley Court Farm are fully engaged with the District Council in their planning process, and were looking likely to be granted the initial stages of planning permission during the coming weeks. We’re not sure what exactly the Council, no doubt in colusion with certain private business interests think they’re doing, more information as we get it. Please come and help us stop this illegal eviction attempt

How to get there: Head to Yorkley, near Lydney in Gloucestershire. See a map below. 
Site mobile: 07784887895

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