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06 May 20 – Small farms and market gardening

Farming Today
The Ecological Land Cooperative says small farms could and should play an important role in the future of our food system. It buys agricultural land, then divides it into small-holdings, gets planning permission for houses on each one then sells or rents the plots at well below market value. The idea is to allow new entrants into farming without the need for huge capital. We find out more and visit a vegetable farm in Devon that grows more than 50 varieties of veg on less than an acre.
Presented by Anna Hill
Produced by Heather Simons

BBC link – expires in 24 days time (stupidly)

ELC 2020 Share Offer
Small farms, big solutions — join the ELC as an investor member

An ageing population of farmers, losses of small and family farms, huge barriers to land ownership and an unprecedented environmental crisis see the social enterprise Ecological Land Cooperative (ELC) announce a new Community Share Investment Offer. The ELC’s plans for a mosaic of small ecological farms will regenerate rural areas – putting healthy food and a healthy planet centre stage.

Become an investor member here.

Shockingly perhaps nearly half the land in the UK is owned by just 25,000 people – less than 1% of the population. And much of that land is dominated by industrial methods of production that come at great cost to the natural world. Yet there is another way. There is huge potential for the growth of agroecology – agriculture that works together with natural ecology.

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