Portumna Workhouse Famine Exhibition – Small sample from our Southern Ireland Road Trip

Hi and good morning, I am aware (albeit sketchy) of Irish history and its struggles, including the great famine.

I’m 73 and born and raised in England and Earlier this year my wife and I did a 45 day motor home tour of southern Ireland.

Our lasting impression was a beautiful welcoming country. Such breathtaking countryside and warm and friendly people.

One of our stops on that trip was at Portumna, whilst there we visited the Irish workhouse centre.

To see the Dark shadows exhibition, very thought provoking and I guess it prompted me to want to know more. I have put together a short YouTube video based on what we saw. Here is the link… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoPRnPaBgLI

I really would like to know more and fell across ‘This Land Is Ours’ which mentions Black 47, I will see if I can find a copy to watch.
What I am really keen to learn is what was Southern Irelands journey, from those dark days to the beautiful country and people we experienced last summer. Our impression was of warm and welcoming experience, coupled with a much higher standard of living than we have in England

Can you please suggest any documentaries/films or other media that could outline the journey from the great famine till now. For me it is equally important to understand how Southern Ireland got to this point in time, from the terrible famine to a prosperous nation

Many thanks’ in advance Tony & Margaret Glass St Osyth England.


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