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The Land Magazine occasional magazine about landrights


‘The Land’ is written by & for people who believe that the roots of justice, freedom, social security & democracy lie not so much in access to money, or to the ballot box, as in access to land & its resources.

The Land comes out about twice every year. A subscription to the Land costs £28 for 5 issues (subscription to the Land costs £42 for 5 issues for subscribers outside Europe, £32 in Europe). Individual copies were £5  including  postage (within UK)  Send cheque or postal order to: The Land Magazine, Monkton Wyld Court, Charmouth, Bridport, Dorset  DT6 6DQ,  UK.

For up to date prices please visit

or order copies online if you possess a credit-card on ‘The Land’ website here

Latest issue of The Land


Some past issues:


(Summer 2013)


(Winter 2012-2013) – theme: Land Grabs


(Summer 2012) – theme: “Less Dreaming, More Digging”

featured articles include: “Can Britain Farm Itself?” & “The Rothamsted GM Debate”


Issue-11 (Winter 2011-12) – theme: “The Future of Our Forests”


Spring/Summer 2011 was a Special Edition commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Luddites’ Uprising:


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  1. Thanks Ryan. This page has been unfortunately forgotten about and not updated.

    Have just updated it with latest issue. Thanks for the prompt!

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