1996: Pure Genius – Wandsworth Eco Village

The Land Is Ours, Pure Genius, Wandsworth Eco-Village Guinness occupation (1996)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ebAjw_rKhM

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An Introduction
In May 1996, 500 The Land is Ours activists occupied 13 acres of derelict land on the banks of the River Thames in Wandsworth, highlighting the appalling misuse of urban land, the lack of provision of affordable housing and the deterioration of the urban environment. That action grew into far more than just a simple landrights action. A community grew up on the site called Pure Genius!!, these pages will describe what happened over the 5½ months that the occupation lasted for…..The spirit of Pure Genius!! still abides (touch of the Waltons there ;-] , for details of the ongoing campaign see the contacts section indexed below..
CONTENTS (Pure Genius!!)grn3spi   Pictures & Images from Pure Genius!! (Index) grn3spiWha’ ‘app en? Essays and letters on Pure Genius!! Some descriptions on the many aspects of Pure Genius!!  grn3spi Next!!? Whats happening now, contacting Pure Genius!! activists, getting more information. poster1
 One of the posters for the regular Open Days



Updates on Wandsworth:

newsletter 18 (summer 2000)

newsletter 19 (winter 2000)

newsletter 20 (april 2001)


Facebook page reuniting people who were at Pure Genius – Wandsworth Eco-Village 1995-96:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/365418963492480/

was http://www.tlio.org.uk/campaigns/wandsworth/index.html

a landrights campaign for Britain

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