‘All we want is a bed’ – Hull’s Baker Street squatters march for the homeless

Organisers, Activists for Love, Hull want thousands to take part to give the homeless a voice

Take a look inside the Baker Street squat

The Baker Street squatters will hold a march this week to give the homeless a chance to get their voices heard.

Activists for Love, Hull, have organised the peaceful protest for Saturday, January 27 and will start their march at what has been their home for almost a month.

The march, named “all we want is a bed”, will give those living on the streets th chance to speak and tell their stories.

It will also feature some guest speakers and will make its way through the city centre from Baker Street to Hull City Hall

Activists for Love, Hull said they will be “rolling out the red carpet” for the march, which will start at 12.30pm on Saturday afternoon.

The group want to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless and give them a voice to be heard.

They said: “We would love as many people as possible to join us.”

Organiser, Lou Castrow, said: “We thought this would be the next stage and the march will be a great way to raise our profile. We want thousands there and we want to use their voices.

“We want to highlight what’s gone wrong in our system and why its failing so badly.”

The squatters moved into the MRC building on Baker Street through an open door on Boxing Day and have created a family unit.

Since then, they have struck up a close relationship with the building owners who have offered to provide accommodation for the squatters.

MRC has said:”We have put forward an ambitious plan to house some of them within a large property sourced by MRC.

“Raise the Roof and it’s trustees have agreed to rent this property and together with Activists for Love, Hull, have pledged to continue providing care and support to those who have committed themselves to becoming drug and alcohol free.

“We have been informed that within the squat environment, a family unit has formed giving mutual aid and support to each other and we are sure that this will be replicated within the house and will help the transition into independent living.

“MRC will be ensuring the property is compliant with all current legal requirements prior to handing the property over to Raise the Roof, who will then be redecorating and furnishing the property with the assistance of Activists for Love, Hull in readiness for the tenants to move in.”

“All we want is a bed” will start at the Baker Street squat at 12.30pm on Saturday January 27.

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