Chapter 7 – Who are we?

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Who are we?

Chapter 7 is a UK organization which campaigns to provide access   to land for all households through environmentally sound planning.

Chapter 7 lobbies for:

  • Firmer guidance on what distinguishes a sustainable development     from an unsustainable one;
  • Policies which permit low impact and sustainable developments     and/or exclude unsustainable developments.
  • Alternatives to the proliferation of car-based urban sprawl     
  • The safeguarding of some urban land for sustainable low-profit     use, including affordable housing, workshop space and yards, markets, independent     shops, public transport facilities, allotments, community projects and gardens.     
  • Planning policies and procedures which cater for the special     needs of self-built homes and workplaces and the community provision of facilities.     
  • Strengthening the public’s right to appeal against major     development proposals.
  • Bringing major agricutural activities within the planning     system.

Chapter 7 will press for these measures, by publishing reports   and newsletters; responding to Government consultation papers; liaising with   the media; lobbying decision-makers and local councils; providing a planning   consultancy service for low impact developments; and publicizing and supporting   appropriate direct action.

Our first major project was the report ‘Defining Rural Sustainability:   15 Criteria for Sustainable Developments in the Countryside together with Three   Model Policies for Local Plans’, published in February 1998. A subsequent project   will be a briefing pack explaining how members of the public can influence the   development plan process in their area

If you would like to support the work of Chapter 7 and be kept   informed of its activities, you are invited to join our mailing list, by filling   in the  subscription form . You will be sent at least three newsletters a year plus occasional   information about relevant events and campaigns taking place in in your region.   Chapter 7 will be happy to network and publicize information you send us about   developments in your area.

Chapter 7 can also help individuals and groups who are trying   to gain planning permission to fill in their planning applications, submit appraisals,   and fight appeals. Call our office on Thursdays for

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