Hijack Alert! Wall Street’s COP26 Plan To Privatise Nature

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Whitney Webb Discusses Global Elites’ Stealth Takeover of Nature
Mint Press News @MintPressNews (MPN): https://youtube.com/watch?v=gnYD48d9k6k

Whitney Webb: How Wall Street Is Monetizing Nature
The Zero Hour @TZHRJ (TZH): https://youtu.be/XitYeG6KOGE

Whitney Webb: How Wall Street Is Monetizing Nature
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UN-Backed Banker Alliance Announces ‘Green’ Plan to Transform the Global Financial System

The most powerful private financial interests in the world, under the cover of COP26, have developed a plan to transform the global financial system by fusing with institutions like the World Bank and using them to further erode national sovereignty in the developing world.

So this is why so much time and effort was spent infiltrating environmental groups.
Not that those doing the infiltrating will have known anything…

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