‘Four year rule’ means log cabin built without planning permission near Vernon Kay and Tess Daly’s home ‘may stay’

Log Cabin
homebuilding.co.uk reports that the four-year planning rule is currently being phased out by the Government, as announced in the Queen’s Speech in 2022, as part of new legislation in the Planning Bill: Levelling up and Regeneration. You can read more about this at :   four-year rule being quietly scrapped as well as other planning reforms.

Development becomes immune from enforcement if no action is taken:

  • within 4 years of substantial completion for a breach of planning control consisting of operational development;
  • within 4 years for an unauthorised change of use to a single dwellinghouse;
  • within 10 years for any other breach of planning control (essentially other changes of use)”

original article at : https://www.homebuilding.co.uk/news/log-cabin-built-without-planning-permission-near-Vernon-Kay-and-Tess-Dalys-home

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