International Land-based Social Movements



Land-based direct-action Social Movements/International Peasantry/International Social Movements

Land-based direct-action Social Movements/International Peasantry with website identities:
La Via Campesina : International Peasant Movement:

Reclaim the Fields – (an informal educational & exchange network promoting food sovereignty & peasant agriculture, particularly amongst young people and urban dwellers, linked with Via Campesina):


in India:


Naxalite/Maoist uprising: (disclaimer: we do not condone some of the violence which Maoist groups have claimed responsibility for over the past few years across India. tlio, 25/05/2011).

in Latin America:
Coordinadora Andina de Organizaciones Indígenas – CAOI (Coordination of Andean Indigenous Organisations) – part of the Global Minga (MOVIMIENTO INDIGENA):
Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) – Brazil’s Landless Rural Workers’ Struggle:


in South Africa:

Landless People’s Movement:



South African Right-to-Housing Social Movements:

Abahlali baseMjondolo – shack-dwellers’ movement:



International Direct-Action Social Movements:

(posted 25/05/2011): The “Spanish Revolution” (Ref: ) already spread to a number of European cities:

Peoples’ Global Action – a global alliance of anticapitalist struggle, resistance & solidarity:


in Latin America:
Enlazando Alternativas (in English ‘Linking Alternatives’ – namely the name given to alternative summits of Latin American Social Movements in opposition to global summits between the political and economical leaders of Latin America nations, the Caribbean countries & the European Union):

Enlazando Alternativas – Tribunal Permanente de los Pueblas (Tribunal into corporations in Latin America – eg in the water, mining and public service sectors) :

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