The Only Absolute Right To A Home In Europe: The Russian Constitution Chapter 2, Article 40

Article 40 of the Russian Constitution states that everyone has the right to housing and nobody may be deprived of such housing arbitrarily

Russian Constitution (2014) Article 40

1. Everyone shall have the right to a home. No one may be arbitrarily deprived of his or her home.

2. The bodies of state authority and local self-government shall encourage housing construction and create conditions for exercising the right to a home.

3. Low-income people and other persons mentioned in law and in need of a home shall receive it gratis or for reasonable payment from the state, municipal and other housing stocks according to the norms fixed by law.

The Battle For Soledar (Jan23) With Scott Ritter

Former UN Weapons Inspector and Marine Corps Intelligence Officer Scott Ritter concludes his analysis with comment on California shanty towns and Article 40 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation

One thought on “The Only Absolute Right To A Home In Europe: The Russian Constitution Chapter 2, Article 40”

  1. It’s a rum ole world isn’t it.

    It’s really interesting that Russia is following UN guidelines for supporting the most vulnerable in their communities, whereas the USA and UK aren’t.

    Everyone else thinks that the USA and UK are SO darn rich, the pictures painted by governments for their investors, broadcast by the main media at least paint this picture – however, as many of us know from experience, it’s a complete white-wash.

    Many years ago, a social entrepreneur by the name of Anup Shah, realised that there was a gap in accessibility on the level of household and government spending in the USA, and formed a detailed fact sheet entitled Poverty Facts & Stats, listed at – clearly showing the level of expenditure on Military Defence, as opposed to Poverty or Welfare – and detailing the levels of child and adult poverty starting to flood these rich western nations.

    Today, several YouTubers are driving around the USA recording raw footage of empty and abandoned buildings in many US towns and villages, and homeless communities as shown towards the end of the linked Scott Ritter interview.

    In the UK, it’s now (apparently) something akin to a treasonous act to he homeless, or to live in a caravan, van, car or a tent, so we can’t show the equal lines of homeless or equal here graphically.

    We (peasants) are all supposed to have somewhere Solid to live – whether we can afford it, or not, whether we work or not.

    On that basis, I wonder if it might be possible to apply to Russia as a refuge from government’s tyranny and our dangerous and criminal lack of rights Britain?

    From the looks of it, I believe that it may be one of the few nations not currently run by the nazi state!

    And they used to call this The Nanny State – LOL!

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