Happy New Year! New Year Dishonour List 2018

by Ian Jenkins

Dish out your tawdry, bloodsoaked gongs

Reward your friends for all their wrongs

Hang sigils struck from stolen gold

From those who do just as they’re told.
Wrap criminals in silk and ermine

Make peers and knights of lying vermin

Honour those who turn their hands

To murder and theft in ravaged lands 
But throw some plebs an OBE

In the name of fake egality

And as cover for this filthy game

Of honours as a mask for shame.
And when your shabby little list

Is safely grasped in the monarch’s fist

Pray to the darkest gods to bless

Your litany of wickedness.
But year on year the luster fades

Of ersatz honour on parade

And one day all will wonder how

Humanity was made to bow

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