Cap the Common Agricultural Policy!

Info here for a TLIO Information-Briefing on the CAP, which highlights how through Single Farm Payments, the CAP is largely being utilised by large landowners, agribusiness & corporations. The Briefing also focuses on possible solutions for a re-invented CAP that has an upward limit on subsidies in accordance with land-holding and so, prioritises redistribution to small farmers.

The latest phase of CAP reform negotiations in the EU between member states concluded last year (2013). Despite the fact that the UK government claimed it led the way amongst EU member states in supporting the EU commissioner’s CAP reform agenda to move the CAP payment structure away from Pillar One direct payments to Pillar Two rural development schemes, the UK were opposed to the Commission’s suggestion that large farms should be capped. Ed Hamer from The Land Magazine says: “As of Dec 2012, the proposed cap has been repeatedly revised upwards in an effort to get it past agribusiness lobbyists and now stands at an indulgent 300,000 Euros a year.

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