Current actions on the issue of Land & Housing with a TLIO bent

Land Occupations:

  • Diggers2012 – camped in a woodland near Runnymede , London
  • Grow Heathrow is a land project occupying formerly disused glasshouses, demonstrating growing techniques and low-impact technology.
  • Members of Ashton Allotment Action in Tameside, Greater Manchester have occupied a site of old allotments taken out of use next to the M60.

Former land occupations:

  • Land & Freedom Camp, Clapham Common – 2011.
  • Kew Bridge Ecovillage, West London: On June 6th 2009, nearly a hundred activists converged on a piece of derelict land at Kew Bridge in south west London to create an eco-village community based entirely on sustainable technology and construction techniques.

Ongoing Projects:

See all UK Direct-Action activity linked from this site


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