No Right To A Home: Amsterdam’s ADM Squat Evicted Today, Amsterdamse Droogdok Maatschappij

No Right To A Home: Amsterdam’s ADM Squat Evicted Today, Amsterdamse Droogdok Maatschappij

Life in Amsterdam’s biggest squat – in pictures
Several children have been born and raised in the community that has grown up around the former shipyard

#Amsterdam: #ADM squat evicted today

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Amsterdam: In the early morning hours cops started with the eviction of the ADM squat today.
Published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

After more than 20 years the ADM squat was evicted today. The home of dozens of people and several initiatives fought for a long time to preserve this unique free space, but the wannabee Green left party that governs Amsterdam did not want to wait for the outcome of another court case that takes place tomorrow.

At 8:50am 6 police vans arrived at the ADM complex in the harbour of Amsterdam. A helicopter was fying over the area to monitor the eviction. Shortly before 11:00 a big crane came to ADM. After the eviction of some of the smaller houses at back of the complex, the crane immediately started to demolish the houses. One of the residents of ADM was beaten by a security guard (pucture 1 below (left) is the woman that was beaten, picture 2 (right) is the security guard that was beating her)

At 12:15 cops started to evict people that were chained with lock-ons. In the video in the tweet below activists are singing �Thank you Femke� (Femke bedankt). Femke Halsema is the mayor of Amsterdam.

Mike Muller@_MikeMuller
Krakers zingen nu: �Femke bedankt!� #ADM
11:24 – 7. Jan. 2019

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The cops arrested at least 11 people who refused to leave ADM today. At 03:00pm the cops evicted the last squatters from the roof of the ADM building. Tonight there will be a noise demo in front of the prison for all people who were arrested today.

With ADM, Amsterdam lost another free space where people lived and worked in a self-organized way. Many squats were evicted in the past decades and there are not many free spaces left in the capital of the Dutch territory. Its a sad day but the struggle continues. Solidarity to all people who resisted the eviction

Here is a short AT5 (mainstream media) documentary about ADM :

The (not yet) Lost Free-state � part #1 ‘The Children of ADM’ SUBS from Suwanne CCtv on Vimeo.

The (not yet) Lost Free-state � part#2 SUBTITLED from Suwanne CCtv on Vimeo.

And 2 independent media ADM newsflash videos:

ADM NewsFlash #1 (January 4th. 2019)

ADM NewsFlash #1 (January 4th. 2019) SUBTITLED from Suwanne CCtv on Vimeo.

ADM NewsFlash #2 (January 6th. 2019)

ADM NewsFlash #2 (January 6th. 2019) SUBTITLED from Suwanne CCtv on Vimeo.

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Amsterdam: ADM eviction

– January 7th, 2019

The ADM eviction has started on monday morning, 7 january 2019. Time line, pictures, videos and more news are to be found on Indymedia Nederland. No statement at the moment about this eviction on the ADM website. More news to follow as soon as possible
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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One thought on “No Right To A Home: Amsterdam’s ADM Squat Evicted Today, Amsterdamse Droogdok Maatschappij”

  1. Jet van Heteren

    10 January at 08:43 ·
    ADM eviction

    True story
    They never wanted to give us the exact eviction date. The earliest date the police casually dropped was 8th of January. The latest that the municipality and the owner casually dropped was the 15th of January.
    There was us, team transport, busy with tractors, car-ambulances, trailers, trucks, cranes, trying to plan this operation of securing our possessions. Aiming for the 8th
    To be safe.
    A big container moving operation was planned for the 7th.
    The night of the 6th to 7th:
    Rumour goes we will get evicted at 05.00 in the morning. Some believe it some don’t, but everybody tries to get ready. Houses on wheels are taken off their blocks, big truck trailers get loaded, the artworks that fit in a truck are forklifted in, everybody does what they can.
    At 02.30 I go to sleep.
    Getting up at 05.00. Nothing is happening yet. So I help a neighbour to load his trailer (which he just finished the night before) with all his possessions, and hook it up to my tractor. If they come at least I can drive him out.
    At 09.00 they come. With big force. Me and my neighbour throw in his most important stuff. I start the tractor and drive out.
    I park his trailer just around the corner at a parking and drive back. I know at least 4 trailers ready to pick up and drive out. I’m not allowed back in with my tractor.
    I know a police-guy and he brings me to the head of the law-enforcers (handhavers), to discuss about letting me back in, to get a few more people’s houses out. He promises me that I can go back in after they removed all the people from the terrain. I am stupid, I believe him and wait.
    In the meantime on the terrain: One other neighbour hooks on the trailer (the complete house of his neighbour, let’s call her Marietje) to his car and wants to drive out. He is not allowed. He doesn’t want to leave his car and Marietje’s house behind. Police insists. Only after a policeman promises him that he himself will drive out the car with the trailer, he agrees to leave voluntary.
    Another story: One neighbour, let’s call him Jantje, tries to start his digging machine to pull his trailer which is his house, to safety. He´s not allowed to proceed and grabs his cat and walks out.
    After hours it starts to be slowly clear that I am not allowed back on, nobody is. In the meanwhile we see Koole coming in with huge bulldozers and grabbing cranes. We all start to get very nervous.
    Police and the law-enforcers promise us that they will not touch our belongings. Tomorrow we will be allowed to pick everything up.
    Than the horror starts. City council leaves, police leave, law-enforcers leave, our possessions (of which most ready to drive out) being left to the machinery and madness of Koole. From around 16.00 till 22.00 we can see from the outside how cranes and bulldozers start destroying things. It’s hard to make out what they destroy. Hoping, hoping, hoping that it is only the empty, left behind things.
    Next day the 8th.
    From 07.00 grabber cranes are back in action.
    Around 09.00 in the morning we drive our tractors back to ADM to see if we can get back on. We have contact with our contact person from the City council who just arrived on the terrain. He sees the destruction, calls the police and stops Koole and their machines (18 hours too late). After some waiting I’m allowed on with one neighbour to be able to make a plan to see what is left to save. It is unbelievable, incredible terror. They destroyed everything that was easy to grab with a grabber.
    Just after the gate, where our beautiful garden used to be, is an enormous pile of trash. Looking closer, it comes clear that this is the remains of people’s houses and possessions.
    Of Marietje’s house (which was promised to be driven out by the police!!!) we don’t even find a trace. The car which was supposed to pull it to safety is parked somewhere, pretty trashed. Jantje’s house is hardly recognisable, the grabber crane had some fun with it, all his possessions scattered around in the mud.
    A container, with someone’s workshop, plus their complete theatre-show, which was ready to be picked up, is completely demolished, nothing what was in there was still to be saved.
    Another little trailer which was someone’s workshop, was strapped on a car-ambulance, ready to go. Totally gone and trashed.
    Cars that people were not allowed to drive out are trashed: fucked ignitions, huge dents, flat tires, fucked gearbox, etc.
    These are just a few examples.
    Now I am sick of people asking me: but you knew it was coming right?
    Yes, there was an eviction ordered by court.
    But also there was the UN, telling the Netherlands and the City of Amsterdam to not evict us!
    Me, I am a pessimist. After years of getting evicted for nothing I lost trust. I got my things out of there in time.
    But all of my sweet neighbours who are optimists, who believe our human-rights lawyer when she says that we really can NOT be evicted because the UN send an interim measure even twice to forbid the eviction, what can we blame them for?
    For being positive? For believing in the UN? For not wanting to leave our beautiful ADM?
    Fuck this so-called left-wing city council who made false promises and gave away our beloved things into the hands of criminals.
    Fuck the press with their lies.
    Fuck Chidda, anyway.
    Fuck Koole, they clearly had a lot of fun, destroying what we loved. I hate them intensely.
    Viva ADM.
    There will always be people wanting to fight for freedom of living, of creating, of building their own world/house/society where it is not about money and rules and laws.
    ADM will always be there, somewhere.

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