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Holtsfield is a unique part of the heritage of Swansea and Gower; a chalet settlement which began life as holiday accommodation and later became a refuge for people whose houses were bombed in the Second World War.

Since those days they have become permanently occupied and home to people from various different backgrounds and careers. The way of life there also reflects the area’s unusual history. Set off the beaten track it has preserved a village atmosphere that is fast disappearing elsewhere, and despite its splendid isolation its members take an active part in the social and community life of nearby villages such as Murton and Mumbles.

Not surprisingly its residents were ill prepared, both mentally and financially, for the troubles which followed when a determined developer took over the site wishing to knock down the existing settlement, evict its occupants and build an executive housing estate with a new road to link it to the surrounding area.

In the spirit of a true community, the residents stuck together and fought the plans. And slowly they won successive victories status as a conservation area and refusal of the housebuilding plans. But at every turn the new landowner Elitestone Ltd and its solicitorcumdirector Mr Tim Jones found a new line of attack.

As one avenue closed, he opened another, and throughout the long legal processes the Holtsfield residents found themselves subject to dirty tricks and intimidation.

The ins and outs of the planning and legal battles are well-documented in the following pages. On the last page, ‘When Victory Means Losing Your Home’ you can read about the most recent developments since the House of Lords ruling and why we are still under threat. Now – more than ever – we need public support.

We, the residents of Holtsfield, would encourage people and organisations to make their views known and write to Swansea City and County Council, Barclays Bank (please see the Profit & Homelessness Page…), the media and their MPs.

For details of who you can write to, please see the Action Page.

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