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TLIO origins in George Monbiot’s 1995 ‘Land Reform’ campaign

The Land Is Ours was originally set up in 1995 by writer George Monbiot to campaign for what we do want, rather than against what we don’t 🙂 The name ‘The Land Is Ours’ came in late 1995/early 1996 from a People’s Global Action (PGA) meeting workshop which George attended.

People are assets, not liabilities

We want to move away from an ever-increasing dependence on money for food and other essentials, toward providing all life’s essentials for free, like water still is in the Irish republic. In principle no one should have to pay for anything which is theirs by right under Article 25 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Land banking and speculation

While some of us are desperate to get on the unaffordable housing ladder, other individuals & companies own so much land they don’t know what to do with it. The stock market bubble has made land a safer investment, for those who have no intention of ever using it.

A sense of history

Enclosure had a devastating impact on Victorian society producing cheap labour for the industrial revolution. But landlessness and destitution for millions is back today with robotic mega-cartels taking our jobs & post-2008 bailout ‘austerity’.

Land is a free gift to mankind, so landed gentry like the Dukes of Westminster & Buccleuch should not be ‘owners’, but custodians of their vast estates. The Diggers, Chartists, Highland Crofters, Irish Land League & the British Isles’ other freedom fighter visionaries inspire us to roll back enclosure, the most unjust privatisation of them all, until everybody has a secure home.


a landrights campaign for Britain

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