Holtsfield – The Holtsfield to The House of Lords March

Holtsfield on the March! children Fighting for their future.

The Residents of Holtsfield are walking to The House of Lords between the1st and 20th of March. All are welcome to come along and walk with them.


Expected Timetable for the Holtsfield Walk to the House of Lords
Sat 1st March Swansea Port Talbot 5.30
Sun 2nd March Port Talbot Cowbridge 5.30
Mon 3rd March Cowbridge Cardiff 5.30
Tues 4th March Cardiff Newport 4.30
Wed 5th March Newport Caldicot 5.30
Thurs 6th March Caldicot Frampton Cotterel 6.00
Fri 7th March Frampton Cotterel Bath 5.30
Sat 8th March* Bath Hilperton 5.30
Sun 9th March* Hilperton Devizes 5.30
Mon 10th March* Devizes Wooton Rivers 5.30
Tues 11th March* Wooton Rivers Kintbury on arrival travel to Oxford
Wed 12th March* Stay in Oxford
Thurs 13th March* Kintbury Woolhampton 5.30
Fri 14th March* Woolhampton Reading 5.30
Sat 15th March* Reading Windsor 5.30
Sun 16th March Windsor Staines 5.30
Mon 17th March Staines Richmond

Please note: The last stage of the walk to Westminster will take place on the 20TH MARCH which will allow some leeway of 2­3 days regarding the above timetable. The days marked with an asterisk * (8, 15th March) will be walked on the Kennet and Avon Canal Path

Please check the Holtsfield Campaign Website again for further details nearer the dates.


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  1. databasing (RDBMS) plain HTML pages like this could also add on some enhancements such as indication of dates….at least indication of the year (1999 ?)

    I’d still prefer to plain HTML’ise all of the existing TLIO site and then selectively link to them with enhanced data such as dates and any such missing information. This way only few pages will be pulled in to the new CMS (WordPress).

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