The Legacy of Colonialism Forum: pertaining to the history of colonialism and its ongoing affects including the continued marginalization of Indigenous peoples and the preservation of their heritage, the biased practices of the IMF, criminal and monopolizing acts of transnational corporations, non-mutually beneficial international trade practices, self-seeking international military coersion on the part of nation states in the North particularly the United States and Israel, state sponsored terrorism, & globalization. This E-mail list aims to share information regarding how multinational profits and the North’s capitalist advancement (led by the US industrial-military-corporate complex) at the expense of the Neo-Colonial state, is sustained by some of the above mentioned factors – plus political manipulation within the machinations of tyrannical empire building, the Dollar Empire, the imperialism of global institutions (the IMF & World Bank), and the global banking system. How can genuine self-determination – whether that be indigenous groups or civil society – be sought in the face of corporate domination and neocolonial economic and political subjugation – the logical conclusion to a legacy of colonialism? Subscribers to this Forum from around the world have been sharing information and perspectives, untangling the complexities of what at first sight would appear an unsurmoutable set of independant problems. The aim of this forum was to form a network between activists, researchers, NGO’s, environmental groups & grassroots development workers.

UK Land – Land reform, Land Management, Land Politics:

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