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Chapter 7, the Planning Office of TLIO, campaigns for a planning system which actively encourages sustainable, low impact and affordable homes. We give planning advice to people seeking to/or already embarking upon living on the land, engaged in land-based livelihoods.

Chapter 7 campaigns for “access to land for all households . . through environmentally sound planning” (from Agenda 21, Chapter 7c, on Human Habitation Settlement).

You can find some of our publications further down the page. We publish The Land Magazine at least twice a year.

We publish a DIY Planning Handbook and a number of other publications

We also supply free planning advice

Chapter 7 lobbies for:

  • Firmer guidance on what distinguishes a sustainable development       from an unsustainable one;
  • Policies which permit low impact and sustainable developments      and/or exclude unsustainable developments.
  • Alternatives to the proliferation of car-based urban sprawl
  • The safeguarding of some urban land for sustainable low-profit use, including affordable housing, workshop space and yards, markets, independent shops, public transport facilities, allotments, community projects and gardens.
  • Planning policies and procedures which cater for the special needs of self-built homes and workplaces and the community provision of facilities.

Quotations from Chapter 7 of Agenda 21 ‘All countries should . . . strengthen the indigenous building materials industry, based, as much as possible, on inputs of locally available natural resources . . . promote the increased use of energy efficient designs and technologies and sustainable use of natural resources . . promote the use of labour-intensive construction methods . . . develop policies and practices to reach the informal sector and self-help builders . . . discourage the use of construction materials and products that create pollution during their life cycle.’ Agenda 21 Chapter 7 ‘All countries should, as appropriate, support the shelter efforts of the urban and rural poor by adopting and/or adapting existing codes and regulations to facilitate their access to land, finance and low cost building materials.’ Agenda 21 Chapter 7

Austrian scythes:  Chapter 7 is partially supported by the sale of hand-forged Austrian scythes,    which are lighter and easier to sharpen than conventional English scythes – click here for a link to    to find out more about these fine tools

Contact Chapter 7


The Land Magazine Monkton Wyld Court Charmouth Bridport Dorset DT6 6DQ

Tel: 01297 561359

E-mail: chapter7 @

The office is not staffed full-time.


13 thoughts on “Chapter7 Homepage”

  1. I have a caravan on land I lease- I do not live in it and it has been there just over 15 years with a previous caravan in the same place that was there over thirty years….I also have three cars that are “sorned” parked on site. The council have told me I have to move all of them- everything, which will leave me with no base for foaling my mares! I am told I am in breach of planning rights- the land is “white” land, not green belt. Can they really make me mover everything. I state again, I know I must not exceed 28 days a year- the caravan is a tourer,,,,,HELP!!

    1. Maybe you have an option (and the evidence) for applying to the LPA for a Certificate Of Existing Lawful Development or LDC. Talk to the LPA

  2. Northumberland County Council Local Plan about to move to inspection stage. This plan appears to be very resrictive and help the NIMBY’s (Not IN My Back Yard) people to keep the younger but not exclusive susstainable self builders from building there own homes. Any help or obseravtions may assist.

  3. Just sent you guys an email, great site! So happy to see there are others who care about sustainable living becoming the norm! Green homes forever!!! Lol ✌✌✌

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