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Steward Community Woodland

We are Steward Community Woodland, a group of people who are living and working together and have been experimenting with…

We live on 32 acres of plantation woodland on a steep hillside, located in the beautiful Wray Valley on the edge of Dartmoor. The community was founded in 2000 and is currently twelve adults and nine children.


Camped in a woodland on Coopers Hill, Runnymede

The group are occupying this land (owned by Royal Holloway University) to highlight the right of people around the world to shelter and grow food on disused land, having moved to this site near the location where the Magna Carta was signed having been prevented via an injunction to settle on a disused field on the Crown Estate near Windsor Great Park the week after the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Read more about this here. Also, go to:

Grow Heathrow

Grow Heathrow is a land project occupying formerly disused glasshouses, demonstrating growing techniques and low-impact technology. It is part of Transition Heathrow – a grassroots action group working to build resilient Heathrow communities, capable of collectively coping with the injustices and threats of climate change and peak oil.
There is a map on the Grow Heathrow website
Public Transport:
from Central London: Go to Paddington Railway station (on the Circle tube line) and take a 20 minute train journey to West Drayton. From West Drayton either take the 222 bus towards Hounslow and get off in Sipson Village or follow the cycle path towards Sipson. OR get train to Hayes and Harlington Station. From train exit onto street (Station Rd, Hayes), find bus-stop on same side of road as station exit and get 140 bus travelling towards Heathrow. Get off in Harlington High St 2 busstops after road crosses over M4 motorway. Walk down Sipson Lane – 25 min walk to Sipson village (village just past bridge over motorway).
The site is a 1 minute walk from the King William Pub which is in the middle of town.
By car:
Our address is Grow Heathrow, Vineries Close, Sipson, West Drayton, UB7 0JG
Contact: 0044 7890751568 (Site phone)

Ashton Allotment Action

Members of Ashton Allotment Action in Ashton Moss, Tameside have occupied a site of old allotments taken out of use next to the M60. The land was given by Tameside Council to a local estate agent in 1996. The group, inspired by the diggers, moved onto the site on the 23rd April 2011 and started to dig and cultivate the land.

OpenStreetMap is a wiki-like map that anyone in the world can edit.

OpenStreetMap is a wiki-like map that anyone in the world can edit. If a shop is missing from the map, it can be added in, by a shop owner or even a customer, from a computer or smartphone.openstreetmap800px-Id-May_2013

The main map on uses FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) rendering software and a liberally licensed stylesheet which anyone can build on.

Landmatters Permaculture Project, South Devon
Landmatters Permaculture Project, South Devon

Hello from beautiful Devon. Here at the Landmatters Community our lives are filled with gardening, bringing up children, animal care, processing firewood, managing woodlands, pumping water, hosting volunteers and visitors, holding consensus meetings, maintaining and building structures, running courses and events, fixing things, maintaining solar and wind power, administering the needs of the Co-op, and gently managing the pastures and ancient hedgerows. Everything here takes much longer to accomplish than you might expect because we are totally off-grid and walk distances between facilities. However, that allows us to make a close connection with the plants and wildlife that share this land with us, and to enjoy the magnificent views of Dartmoor, as we go about our work and play.

Bristol Garden Share


Busy, busy, busy. We’re all looking for ways to make out lives fulfilling while, at the same time, juggling work and family responsibilities, exercise, travel, and social activities. How can a homeowner — even one who enjoys a bit of puttering around outdoors — create a landscape that is beautiful, eco-friendly, and engaging?