Bristol Housing Action Movement – BHAM

Revived in 1984, Bristol   Housing Action (BHAM) is a non- hierarchical collective of squatters and their supporters. We help provide housing and other support for homeless people.

Weekly meetings in Old Market every Monday at 8pm


We are committed to the opening of community spaces and to solidarity with existing social centres.  We campaign against the privatisation of public land and housing and for the defence of public space.

Landmatters Permaculture Project, South Devon
Landmatters Permaculture Project, South Devon

Hello from beautiful Devon. Here at the Landmatters Community our lives are filled with gardening, bringing up children, animal care, processing firewood, managing woodlands, pumping water, hosting volunteers and visitors, holding consensus meetings, maintaining and building structures, running courses and events, fixing things, maintaining solar and wind power, administering the needs of the Co-op, and gently managing the pastures and ancient hedgerows. Everything here takes much longer to accomplish than you might expect because we are totally off-grid and walk distances between facilities. However, that allows us to make a close connection with the plants and wildlife that share this land with us, and to enjoy the magnificent views of Dartmoor, as we go about our work and play.